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AN: Not much dialogue sorry.
       You rushed through the house, picking up things you needed, things you wanted, things you just couldn't leave behind. Today you were leaving. You just couldn't do this anymore. You couldn't smile and pretend everything was alright when in reality, it was breaking apart. You tried to stay her in this house, with the man you loved but it just couldn't go on this way. You gave your boyfriend a choice, either clean up his act, change for the better, or else you would leave. Though he said he would get better, nothing changed. No more playing around. You were going.

       "[f/n] please hear me out. I said I'm sorry." Arthur followed you back into the bedroom with a pleading look on his face.

       You toss your clothes into your suite case and slam it shut before looking over at Arthur. Meeting his panicking emerald orbs you frown, "I know you said you're sorry. You're always sorry but you know what. It never seems to matter does it?" You shake your head and sigh.

       Arthur came close to you, "I can change, I…I will just try harder this time. Please [f/n]…I love you." He placed his hands on your shoulders gently, in hopes you would hear him one like you always did.

       You snapped around, causing the Brit to stamper back. "Arthur…I know you love me but you never change. You say you want to try harder but you never change. You just can't change, it's who you are." You were doing everything you could to hold back tears but it was clear on your voice just how broken this was for you as well.

       "What are you getting at?" He looked at you shocked and in fear of you really just leaving him.

       You let out another sigh and turn to all the packed bags you could carry sitting on the bed. "It's over Arthur. I love you, I do but I can't keep living like this." Your voice was just above a whisper. Picking up one of the backpacks to cling onto your back you continue, your voice rising to the normal volume and your confidence in your decision returning full force. "You drink too much, you smoke, you get very angry and you hit me, you stay out and party, you just can't seem to realize that you will never change and I just can't be with you anymore. I think it would be best if we went our separate ways."

       Arthur stood shocked. He couldn't deny that it was all true. He had alcoholic issues and anger problems but, he was trying, it just wasn't an easy thing. There was so much going on in his life, he was stressed, depressed, angry at himself, frustrated. Though, it was no excuse was it?

       Finding his voice again he started to slowly come close to you. "No, please no. [f/n], I can. I will change! Please give me another chance." He pleaded with all his heart.

       Fixing your hold on all your things you turn to meet his gaze one more time with your sorry filled [e/c] eyes. "Sorry, but I gave you three years of chances and it's the same thing over and over. I'm just so tired of this Arthur."


       "No more Arthur, this is goodbye. Take care of yourself." You came over and before passing by his side, you leaned in and placed a kiss on his tear stained cheek. Then you left the house, left Arthur. For good.

       When he heard the sound of your car drive away, he fell to his knees, no longer holding his tears back. "[f/n]…I really do love you…I'm so sorry." He brought his hands to his eyes and cried harder than he had ever done before.

       After minutes of curling up on the floor in tears and sorrow, Arthur rose to his feet. He was so angry at himself, at you, at everything that has ever gone wrong in his life. All that anger he had, that sorrow, everything, he was going to release it all at once.

       Arthur picked up the picture of you ad him from his dresser and as he ran his finger gently over your face he just kept hearing the sound of you leaving. He threw the picture against the wall and pushed everything else off the dresser. He then punched the length mirror in the corner of the room, threw the pillows off made bed and continued his rampage through the whole house.

                                                                             ~Week Later~

       Arthur sat at the bar with an empty beer bottle on the counter. "Another." He mumbled.

       The bar tender sighed and got Arthur another beer. "Sir."

       Sighing Arthur took a drink of his beer and looked through beer goggles out towards the other customers. The lights where bright and the noises where driving Arthur's already pounding headache even further off the edge.

       "Arthur dude is that you!" Came some loud annoying voice.

       Arthur cringed at the booming sound and turned his head, making another wave of pain hammer against his skull.

       A young man with blond hair and a cowlick sat down beside Arthur. The man wore a bright smile which soon faded as he studied his old pal through bright ocean blue eyes. "Dude…what happened to you?" He asked seeing Arthur's state.

       The Brit's usually messing golden crop hair was even more un-kept looking than normal. His once bright emerald green eyes where now dull and seemed lifeless. Arthur was always a man to look his best but right now his white dress shirt was buttoned up wrong, his tie hung around his neck loosely, his pants had rips and tears as well as his shirt on one sleeve. He wore no socks under his house slippers.

       "Al-fred? Ish sat you? My friend." Arthur gave Alfred a weak drunken smile and slung his arm over his shoulders, almost tipping himself off the stole doing so. "Where ave chu be-ick-en?" He hicuped.

       Alfred sighed and took Arthur's arm off him. "Arthur not again. Dude when are you going to learn you shouldn't drink? You can't hold your liquor at all. How many drinks have you had?"

       "Oh co-um now. Alred, I can hold beer se-ee!" Arthur cheered. "I only had a f-ick-ew."

       Alfred shook his head and looked at the bar tender. The man held up two hands and flashes his fingers twice. Alfred's eyes widened. 'Twenty drinks?' He looked back at Arthur who was staring off again.

       Giving another sigh he stood up. "Come no Arthur. Let's get you home."

       "Aww, ish it time to-ick go alteddy?"

       "Yes. Come on dude." Alfred helped Arthur up and out of the bar.

       When the two got to Arthur's home, Alfred had to wrestle with him to get the house keys. It wasn't that easy, Arthur was a lot stronger when drunk, but Alfred finally got them and unlocked the door.

       "Come on. Let's sit you down on the couch and I'll make you some that that green tea crap you like alright?"

       "Oh that sounds to bees vonderful."

       Alfred set Arthur on the couch and then he took notice of how bad the house looked. It was like someone had either tried to rob the place or a tornado went through. Seeing as how all of Arthur's antiques were still there, though few survivors, it must not have been a robbery.

       Pushing the question of what happened to the back of his mind, Alfred went into the kitchen to try and make the tea. He wasn't much of a tea drinker so he never had to make the stuff but hey, he liked ice tea every now and then so how hard could hot tea be?

       "Wow…the kitchen isn't in any better shape. What the heck happened?" Alfred asked to no one in particular as he search the open cupboards for the tea.

       After finding the tea, screwing the directions and winging it, Alfred made some…green tea. Or at least he thought it was green tea. All the tea bags were scattered actually all around the kitchen and none of them where in the boxes.

       Alfred returned to the living room to see Arthur had fallen asleep. He smiled and set the steaming cup down on the table and sat down on the floor. He couldn't leave Arthur alone, not at this state and he hadn't seen [f/n] yet so he figured he would stay. Besides, if Arthur was drunk he had to make sure Arthur didn't gag to death if he needed to throw up. Arthur was a restless sleeper when he was drunk so he would eventually end up on his back.

       "Sleep well Arthur. I got some questions for you when you get up." Alfred said taking off his bomber jacket and placing it over Arthur's sleeping form.


       Arthur fluttered his eyes open and instantly groaned at the light seeping through the shutters. He rolled over onto his back and placed his hands on his face. "God my head is pounding."

       "Well what do you expect dude? You drank a lot of beer last night."

       Arthur shot up, instantly cursing himself for his action, before spotting Alfred in the arm chair playing on his PSP.

       "What the bloody hell are you doing here?!" Arthur yelled, cupping his head and cursing again from the pain.

       Alfred turned his game off and yawned before looking at Arthur. "I brought you home from the bar last night. I couldn't let you drive or walk home in your state. You have 20 drinks dude. That bar tender shouldn't have given you that much with your history."

       "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" Arthur growled.

       Alfred stood up and came over to Arthur. "Arthur." He frowned. "What happened to you? You're a total mess and your house is even worse."

       Arthur looked away. "Why do you care? It's none of your business."

       "I care cause you're my friend. Come on Arthur, talk to me. What happened and where's [f/n]?"

       At the mention of your name Arthur snapped his head around and glared daggers at Alfred. "Just leave me the bloody hell alone! I don't want you or her or anyone else! GO AWAY!" He ignored the pain he was causing himself.

       Alfred stepped back, eyes wide. "What? Come on Arthur! You don't mean that. Talk to me dude."

       Arthur stood up, "No! I don't need to talk not do I want to talk to the likes of you! Just go away Alfred! Go! GO!"

       "I'm not leaving Arthur! Something is seriously wrong and I am going to help you whether you like it or not!" Alfred stood his ground.

       Arthur's glare hardened. He spotted the cup of tea and picked it up, instantly throwing it at Alfred how raised his arm to shield his face. When Alfred lowered his arm he caught sight at the table flying at him. That, he didn't block. Alfred was thrown to the ground, the table's leg had fit him square in the left eye and the other leg into his stomach.

       Alfred groaned as he pushed the table off him. "What hell!"

       Arthur was walking away now. Alfred didn't like that so he got up as quickly as he could to follow. This wasn't the first time Arthur had gotten angry but this had to be the worse. His whole house was getting taken out on.

       "Arthur wait!" Alfred reached out to Arthur, taking hold of one of his wrists.

       Arthur turned sharply around and punched Alfred in the jaw. "I SAID LEAVE ME ALONE!"

       Alfred didn't release his grip, instead and gave a punch to Arthur in return. His fist went right into Arthur's stomach, making him double over as the wind was punched right out of him.

       He recovered and kicked Alfred in the knee. This little fight lasted a good few minutes before both men laid on the floor, panting and bruised, Alfred with a bloody nose and Arthur with a split lip.

       "Are you feeling better now dude?" Alfred glanced over at Arthur.

       Arthur groaned and closed his eyes.

       Alfred chuckled and sat up. "Are you going to tell me now what's wrong?"

       "No…it's really no concern to you. Why would you care anyways?" Arthur spoke in a bored, hopeless tone.

       Alfred smiled sadly and got himself to his feet. He walked over to Arthur and held out a hand to help him up. "Come on dude, don't say that. You know I care about you."

       Pushing Alfred's hand away, Arthur got himself up and leaned against the wall. "…she left me…[f/n] left me. Said I will never change…and she's right. Look at me…look at what I done." Arthur spoke with trembling lips.

       Alfred's eyes widened. He had talked with you about Arthur's behavior and the way you spoke sounded like you would never leave him. Yeah, you had some rough spots but, you loved him. Alfred could see how much the two of you really loved each other but, that must have not been enough.

       "Yeah…" He mumbled rubbing his hand through his hair. "Listen…I don't want to add more salt to your wounds but…" He looked at Arthur. "Arthur you have snapped a ton of times. You almost sent [f/n] to the hospital once. Love can only be so strong ya know? You're abusive when you're drunk and when you're drunk you're angrier and-"

       "I don't need to hear it from you! I already know this! Just stop Alfred." Arthur's hands where balled, tears threatened to fall again as his eyes met with Alfred's. "Just…stop." His gaze feel as did his tears. "I want to change…I do. I really do but…just…"

       Alfred understood. He had been with Arthur for a long time. In fact, they were pretty much brothers. Arthur lost his whole family to an accident, his parents, all his older brothers, and even his youngest. Peter, the two seemed to never get a long but Arthur cared for him very much. His older brothers picked on Arthur because he was the youngest but then Peter came and Arthur did try to be a better older brother than his were to him but he was a little too over bearing. Alfred heard Arthur's story for himself, at the orphanage. Alfred had lost his brother too, his twin, so he understood loose. Especially since his brother was the only known family he had.

       After the two were too old to stay at the orphanage, they were given a job at the same market place at small shops, doing little jobs here and there. They were given an apartment and shared expenses. Arthur was very protective of Alfred but he would get angry so easily if things didn't go his way. Alfred knew he just wanted the best for him but Alfred had his own plans and ideas of how he wanted things. And then after a while, they split up. Stood on their own two feet, got better jobs, better homes, a better life. Oh course they stayed in touch but as Alfred get higher up in the world and world known for his video game testing and game designs, Arthur's life seemed to falter. Arthur went into big businesses and fell out of them, being fired for temper, for being late because he didn't have a car at the time. So many things went wrong but Alfred though Arthur was doing better when [f/n] came. You truly were good for Arthur.

       Alfred sighed and walked up to Arthur who looked up at him, but just before he could speak, Alfred pulled him into a hug. At first Arthur struggled to get away but then he stopped and hugged back. He felt so lost, so hurt, so broken.

       "It's going to be alright Arthur. I'm here now. I'm going to help you get out of this okay? Just like when you and me got each other out of smoking and you saved me from using drugs. We are going to work through your problems together okay?"

       Arthur managed a weak alright.

       Alfred smiled and hugged a little tighter. "First thing's first. You're coming home with me and I'm going to call someone to clean your house. I know how you hate your home being messy."

       Arthur let out a laugh and pulled away from Alfred, which he let, and smiled. "Thank you Alfred. You don't know what this means to me."

       "No problem dude. Brothers forever right?" He gave a huge grin.

       Arthur wiped away his tear and nodded. "Yes. My brother." He patted Alfred's back. "Before we go…I just need to do one more thing." He turned and walked up the stairs.

       Alfred nodded and once Arthur was up the stairs he followed quietly.

       Arthur reached the bedroom, the one he and you had slept in, the one he trashed, the one he stopped sleeping in since you left.

       He walked over to the broken picture frame and picked up the photo and you and him. "I promise [f/n]…I will change. For you…I will."

       Alfred creaked a small smile and left the hallway to the guest room. He went to the closet and pulled out two duffle bags and returned to the bedroom Arthur was in. "I'll pack for you."

       "No, no. I got it." Arthur came over and grabbed the bags from Alfred and started packing.

       Alfred helped anyway and the two got into a small argument about him helping Arthur pack when Arthur was, as he said it, 'perfectly capable of packing his own bags'.

                                                                            ~Month Later~

       Alfred had Arthur take some alcohol abusive classes and some anger management courses. It wasn't an easy first month for the two. Arthur would sneak off to get a drink at the nearest bar, where Alfred's friend Gilbert would call and tell him that Arthur was there and then he would bring Arthur back or Alfred would come and get him.

       Arthur soon learned NOT to go to that bar but to another one, where he quickly stopped going to when a Frenchman would flirt with him and he was NOT getting drunk around him anytime soon or EVER!

       He then would take a bus, since Alfred had the only vehicle, to another bar not too far, where a Danish friend of his went to. Well, that didn't last long either because Mathias was friends with Gilbert and Alfred and they both told him to not let Arthur drink. Turns out, Alfred had a lot of connects and so did his connections. So now, every bar or any place that served or sold alcohol knew of Arthur and would not let him have a single drop.

       Without alcohol, Arthur just went to being angrier and more 'pleasant' to have around. He and Alfred fought more and more. Though, Arthur would end the fight by storming off, so it was getting better for the two of them.

                                                                              ~5th Month~

       Arthur went from angry to depressed and that scared the American. He caught Arthur trying to commit suicide once. Alfred had a stern talking to Arthur but nothing seemed to work. Alfred even found out that he stopped going to the meetings and classes. He got so worried for Arthur's safety that he even called a friend to watch Arthur when he wasn't around.

       Things weren't looking good for Arthur. He still got angry but more in a sad way. He didn't sleep well and he hardly ate. The Brit was starting to look like a ghost with his pale skin and dead looking eyes. Alfred was getting even more worried.

       Alfred had Arthur checked out by a doctor who prescribed some medication for depression, some food pills, and some medication to help with his addiction to alcohol. He even suggested non-alcoholic drinks to give the feel he was drinking but really wasn't.  

       Arthur did start to get better; he started eating again and went back to the meetings.


       After a year of working at Arthur's anger and drinking problem, things seemed to turn for the better. Arthur got himself back into reading books and he even started gardening. Something he used to be with his mother so long ago it seemed.

       Alfred was glad to see Arthur getting better but was still worried for him. He set up a plan to see if Arthur really could refuse a drink. Gilbert was to come over with some German beer and leave it in the kitchen when he and Alfred were in the living room playing video games. Arthur failed. He took a beer, then another, and then the whole case.

       So Arthur hadn't fully learned to fight the temptation yet. No harm done. With some more work, it would happen. At least he was learning to put his anger into gardening or he even took up crocheting, which Alfred found strange but he shrugged it off.

                                                                               ~2nd Year~

       Two years now since Alfred started helping Arthur and everything was finally getting better. Arthur had learned to pass up a drink and he even wasn't violent angry anymore. He did still yell, his shirt fuse though grew a little longer, but he wouldn't hurt anyone.

       Arthur even got a new job, since he had lost so many in the past and had been jobless for 4 years. Alfred helped him get the job, he had Arthur work with as a security guard at the bank. He put in a good word for him. After a few months there, some police officers offered Arthur special training to become a police officer. Arthur had studied law in college for fun and he was a quick learner so by the end of the 2nd year, he became an officer.

       Things where finally getting better and Arthur was even able to have just one drink and not go back to how things were. That one drink was offered to him as a break from his alcoholic days. A way of saying, 'I can drink this and stop after the first sip', which he didn't but he didn't have another so that was good.

       Alfred couldn't be more proud of Arthur's achievements and Arthur couldn't have felt any better himself. He thanks Alfred for everything, saying he would be in his debt. He even thanked Gilbert and Matthias for their help and support. When he returned home, he was glad to see that Ludwig, who turned out to be Gilbert's younger brother, had done a grand job fixing the house up, though right now he really was glad that Ludwig said he could pay him back slowly.

       Yes. Arthur changed and now it was time to get you back in his life.


       Arthur smiled as he fixed his tie. He had taken two weeks off to go and look for you, he just hoped that was enough time.

       "Well old boy, looks like you're ready." He smiled at his reflection.

       He left the bathroom and walked into the bedroom and grabbed his luggage. He then walked down the stairs, pulled on his coat and went out to the waiting taxi. He still had no car of his own but that wouldn't stop him from being on time for his flight. He figured you would return to [home town], so he would start that.

       "Lions Gate airport please." Arthur said as he climbed into the taxi.

       Once he arrived at the airport, he checked in his luggage and boarded the plane. Arthur didn't really like plane rides very much. He wasn't a flying person but he was determined to find you and show you just how much he had changed.

       Arthur settled into his seat and pulled out his favorite book, 'Sherlock Homes.' A classic. He had started the book over from the very beginning, not being able to get enough of the fantastic story written and closed in behind the binding of the book.

       After a few hours of flying, Arthur had fallen asleep and in his sleep he dreamed of seeing you again.



       Arthur ran towards you and scooped you up into his arms in a great big hug. "Oh love I thought I would never see you again."

       "Arthur I have missed you so much. I'm so sorry I left you."

       He kissed your lips and smiled against them. Oh how he didn't want to pull away but the need for air was strong. As he pulled away he smiled lovingly into your eyes. "Oh my dearest [f/n], don't be sorry. I needed it. You leaving finally get me to break such an un gentlemanly bad habit. I'm done with drink, I'm done with hurting you love. I promise. Let's start over. Let's go back and start our new relationship. Please [f/n]…won't you come home?"

       "Yes, yes. Of course I will. Oh Arthur." You captured his lips, wrapping your arms around his neck. "I love you so much." You spoke against his lips with a smile.

       "I have missed you far greater my dear."


       Arthur's eyes widened. "Hmm?"


       "Sir." A young's voice came. "Sir, the plane has stopped."

       Arthur's eyes opened to see the flight attendant shaking his shoulder gently. "Oh, my apologies miss. Are we there already?"

       She smiled and nodded, "Yes sir. If you would please exit the plane now, you can retrieve your luggage at the luggage return. Thank you." With that she left.

       Arthur got up and cracked his back and heading out of the plane. He got his things and then flagged another taxi. He was really excited to see you and hoped you would be home. The dream he had about you and him just couldn't have lifted his spirits any further.

       Finally the taxi dropped Arthur outside of your parent's home. Even if you weren't here, they could tell you where you were. So, his courage of seeing you have two long and dreadful years, he marched up the walk way and to the front down.

       "Okay…breathe now Arthur. You can do this. Just ring the doorbell and smile." He gave himself a prep-talk before ringing the bell.

       He heard a faint 'coming' and back up a bit, setting his luggage down and smiled as the door opened.


       "Good evening Mrs. [l/n]. It's been a while has it not? May I ask if [f/n] is here?"

       Your mother smiled sadly, "Arthur dear...umm…would you…would you come in?" She stepped aside and allowed Arthur to take his things and come into the warm house.

       He followed your mother to the living room and took a seat on the couch. She sat across from him and there was a awkward silence before your mother spoke.

       "Arthur dear, why are you here?"

       "I came to find [f/n]. Now before you say anything else, if you would please, hear me out. I know I have not been the gentleman I should have towards your daughter but I have changed and I mean it this time. Alfred and his friends helped me for two years get through my problems and though I am still not perfect, I am no longer the man I use to be."

       She smiled and nodded, "That's good to hear but sweet heart. [f/n]'s not here. She's…well…" Your mother got up and took a seat beside Arthur, taking his hands gently. "I'm sorry but…[f/n]…" Tears came to her eyes as she tried to keep a level voice. "[f/n]…my daughter…she's…she died Arthur."

       His eyes widened, "What?"

       She placed one hand over her mouth and nodded, tears escaping her eyes.

       "No…no she…no she can't be dead." He stood up. "No…no I…I did it for her. I changed for her. It was all for her. I love her. No! No!" Arthur started to shake, tears pooling up, fist clenched, eye wide.

       Your mother stood and hugged Arthur, shushing him like him like good mother does to a sad and frighten child.

       After a few moments of nothing but silent crying, Arthur pulled away. "How…when?"

       "Last year. She wanted to go back…go back to you."

       At that Arthur's eyes widened further.

       "She loved you so much. She was so upset with herself for leaving, saying she abandoned you. So she booked a flight back but…the roads where so icy and…a drunk driver came from the intersection and…she couldn't react in time…there…she…head first and…"

       Arthur hung his head. "I've heard enough…please…no more."

       Your mother nodded and wiped her tears before inhaling a shaky breath. "You can see her. The only Fort Cemetery is just two blocks away." She gave him a small smile and a squeeze on the shoulder. "I'm sure she would like that very much. Her stone is the only one with [flowers] planted behind the stone, it's on the east side."

       Arthur nodded, biding your mother a farewell and an apology for her lose, and then heading down the street.

       Your mother watched him disappear around the corner before slowly closing the door and whispering an apology.

       It seemed like such a long walk for Arthur. Everything seemed so slow and his legs felt so heavy as he walked down the sidewalk. He didn't even notice when he pasted the cemetery gate and started down the east side.

       He blinked when his eyes spotted a familiar name carved into a cold white stone. "[f/n]." He said barely above a whisper.

       Arthur's legs buckled and he fell to his knees starting at your head stone. "Why…why did this happen. You left a drunken fool…wanting to return to the idiot…and die by the hands of another foolish drunk. No…this can't be real…you can't be gone. Why? Why? WHY!?"

       Arthur buried his face in his hands. He had changed, made himself better, all for you and now you were gone. He had lost so much already and now even you?

       "Please come back! Please [f/n]! You don't have to be with me! Just come back! Please…I love you!"

       Despite the cold, Arthur stayed there all night, slept hugging your head stone, with his luggage behind him. The next morning your mother came and took him home, shocked to see him sleeping there but understood, she had thought about doing that herself. She fed him and sent him back home after a few days of rest. She offered for him to stay longer but Arthur said being in the house was too much so he left.

       When he returned home, he locked himself away in his house. Alfred had to break in the back door to get in. Arthur didn't speak to him when he came down; instead, he said nothing or did anything. He was broken once again and this time, nothing could fix him. But he wouldn't go back to drinking, no.

       Alfred asked if he wanted to move back in with him but Arthur just shook his head. Alfred decided he would stay with Arthur then.

       Arthur never took up drinking again but he did quiet being a police officer. Instead he stayed home, reading, gardening, working on crocheting, anything to take his mind away from certain thoughts. Alfred did, indeed, move in with Arthur and ever since then, he never heard Arthur speak.

       Years went by and Arthur became weak from not properly taking care of himself. Though Alfred tried, there was only so much he could do over time. It pained him to see Arthur like this and Arthur knew it but, he just couldn't go on. Thoughts of suicide came back to him and he remembered he still had some medication from a while back.
One morning, on his way to where he kept the medicine, he heard a knock at his front door.

       Normally, he could just leave it, not wanting or caring for what lay behind the walls of his house but for some reason he decided to go to the door and see what the knocking was about.

       When he opened a man handed him a letter and tipped his hat before leaving. Arthur started at the letter with dull eyes but then, something caught his attention. It wasn't the all the stamps that were placed all over it with different countries names on it, not it wasn't those names but one certain name. Yours.

       Arthur tore the letter open and quickly, with trembling hands and tears starting to spring back to life, opened the letter to read it. And here is what you had to say:

       'My dearest Arthur,
               Forgive me for what I have done. I know you probably wish not to hear from me but I just want to say I am so sorry. I know you are hurting and you feel lost now. I know you're probably crying reading this but, please stop. Don't shed anymore tears. Not for me. My dearest friend, my love. Arthur, you must be strong. Life is far too great to give up on now. You haven't lost me. I am always here, though I won't be there to hold you or dry your tears, I will always be with you. I am in your heart. I love you so much Arthur. I know you can do anything you put your mind to. Chin up love. One day, I promise, one day, you'll realize you are a lot stronger than you ever thought you were. Never forget that. And never forget that you are special, you are important, you are great. My friend. My love.

       There was no date on the letter but that didn't matter. Your words brought tears and life back to his eyes. Made his heart be awaken again and feel more than just loose and sorrow. You have healed him.

       He looked up into the clear blue sky and smiled. "I love you too…my guardian angel." He blew a kiss towards sky, towards you in heaven.

       He had changed for you, he had lost you twice but in the end, he never truly lost you. He tried so hard to make things better and now he would. No more looking at the past. No more sorrow for Arthur. He was going to make the most of his life. Besides, he didn't lose everything. He still had so much he could do. He had Alfred, he had friends. He had a life and it was about time he lived it.

The End
Oh hot joy...a sad story for Christmas =_= Aren't great?
Sorry >< this needed to be finished.

Anyway...yeah so there you go. Sad. Terrible?
Let me know what you think^^
I don't own Hetalia!
© Hidekaz Himaruya

Pic is not mine. Found out zerochan
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Love the brotherly love between Arthur and Alfred. The part where they try to get Arthur to quit drinking and the Brit frequenting different pubs made me chuckle.
When I got the part where Arthur dreamed about meeting reader again, I was like 'oh no... this isn't going to turn out pretty', but I'm sort of glad that the reader didn't end up with someone else, that she just... died. (Wow, I'm so mess up in the brain I don't even...)
The ending's beautiful as well, really leaves you thinking. I'm glad Arthur got better in the end.
Silvia-x-Gaara Featured By Owner Aug 29, 2015
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