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       The snow swirled down from the clouded winter sky and landed on a figure lying in the snow. Though it was cool and wet, this person didn't care, she was just relaxing in the chilling snow. Jeans getting soaked and sending chills throughout her body. Still she didn't care how fast her body temperature was dropping. Fact was, she loved lying in the snow.

       Crunching sounds grew louder as someone approached. You sighed and slowly opened [e/c] eyes when the sound stopped, sounding somewhere off to her side.

       With your eyes adjusting to the brightness the snow seemed to make the world, you saw a familiar figure with short black hair and dark brown eyes they could be black. It was Kiku Honda, your best friend for many years.

       Kiku looked down at you and held out a mitten covered hand to help you up. You took his hand slowly and allowed him to pull you up to your feet. You lost balance just for a few minutes but you regained it.

       "Hi Kiku. What brings you here?" You ask in a quiet voice, giving him a small smile.

       He bowed his head a bit and smiled at you. "Kon'nichiwa [f/n]-chan. I was just on my way back home when I spotted someone rying in the snow. I figured it was you."

       "Yeah, that's me." You shrugged.

       Kiku frowned as he watched you look up into the sky. "Is…is there someone wrong [f/n]-chan?"

       "No…" You sighed and looked at him. "Nothing's wrong. I just feel so, calm and in a way bored I guess. Nothing's going on in my apartment since my roommate moved out three months ago and all my friends are working so, yeah."

       "I see." He smiled at you and held up a shopping bag he held in his other hand. "Why don't you come to my apartment tonight for dinner? It's been awhire since you were over."

       "Hmm?" You tilted your head. "But it's…Christmas Eve…don't you have family over?"

       "No. Yao and the others won't be here this year. Besides, I bought the Christmas Cake and there is no one to eat it with me. So you wourd be doing me a favor by herping me."

       You could have sworn you seen him blush but pushed that thought to the back of your head. "Alright."

       He nodded, "Then sharr we?"

       "Hai." You laughed.

       There it was again, you swore this time you seen him blush, maybe the cold was getting to him. Though, his long coat looked really warm. Shrugging it off again you walked beside him back to his apartment. In all honesty, this was giving you butterflies in the pit of your stomach. Yu really like your Japanese friend, had since Middle school when he moved to your town. He even ended up going to the same college as you. He now lived on his own in the apartment across town, it wasn't too far from you and you did see him a lot but this would be the first time in a year you would be alone with you and in his apartment even. Though being alone with him didn't scare you because he was a guy but it just made you feel a little uneasy. Your feelings just kept growing for him.

       While those thoughts ran through your head, Kiku has some thoughts of his own. Truth was, he was nervous that you would be alone with him. He had no idea what came over him, inviting you over. Maybe her mouth just did what his heart had been aching for him to do. He liked you, he really did. He had been crushing on you since middle school when it was you who showed him around. Though at the time he didn't know what it was, he actually didn't realize his feelings till high school.

       "So Kiku, how come the others aren't coming over this year?"

       "Oh. Yao has to work, Leon is spending time with Yao so he isn't arone and isn't bothered too much by Im Yong soo. Mei-Chan is visiting her boyfriend. The rest of the famiry, I'm not sure. I think they have a rot going on rearry."

       You frowned, Kiku's family was big and none of them could come this year? Sure, they really didn't celebrate Christmas like everyone else does but still.

       "I see…well you got me." You smiled at him.

       He looked over and smiled at you. "Hai, I do."

       The way he said that made you feel a little week at the knees. Why does Kiku that to you? Oh right, because he's a very good looking Japanese man. Oh why are you the girl to fall for the Asian's?

       After a few words of small talk about school were exchanged, you finally arrived at Kiku's apartment and he let you inside.

       "Prease [f/n]-chan. Make yourserf at home." He said taking off his coat.

       You nodded and unzipped your winter coat and hung it up beside his. Kiku vanished into the kitchen and you decided to see if he needed some help.

       "So what's for dinner?"

       He turned around and then looked at the package of chicken on the counter he had just placed there.

       You sighed. "Kiku, I'm an American yes but really, normally we eat ham or turkey on Christmas Eve and Christmas."

       He turned to fully face you and down. "Gomenasai [f/n]-chan. I know, you have told me many times but it's what I make every year."

       "It's fine Kiku, better than toast and cookies that I was going to eat." You said hopping onto the counter.

       Kiku sighed at you doing so but didn't say anything against it. "Were you rearry going to eat just toast and cookies?"

       "Yup. I didn't go shopping because I don't have much money for shopping. Oh, but I can afford some McDonalds."

       "…werr, wourd you rike to herp me cook the chicken?"

       "Sure." You hopping off the counter and joined Kiku's side.

       While Kiku watching you cook he couldn't help but smile at you. You were so focused on adding the seasonings and lightly breading the chicken that Kiku just found you so adorable. He was beginning to think Yao had rubbed off on him about the cuteness thing.

       A few minutes into cooking, Kiku left the kitchen for a minute to go back to his room. His heart was racing and his face was burning red. Why was this happening, oh because a certain girl almost tripped and grabbed onto his shoulders for support.

       "Oh this is not going so werr…I invited [f/n]-chan here…on Christmas Eve at that and I stir can't terr her how I feer…" He sighed and placed his hand on his forehead. "Why can't she be more famiriar with my customs? Though…" He lowered his hand. "I think I may have gone too far."

       Back in the kitchen, you were having a little break down of your own. Your face landed against Kiku's chest, his warm, soft, NO! You blushed harder and tried to calm down as you stuck her head in the freezer. Yeah, you seriously thought that would put a cool down on your burning face.

       "Dang it [f/n]…why do you have to be so clumsy all the time.

       After the two of you calmed down and Kiku came back, you both started dinner again. Kiku still glanced over at you as often as he could without getting caught.

       'She rooks so beautiful in her [color&top].' He thought to himself.

       "Now we wait for the chicken to cook. What do you want to do in the meantime?"

       "Ah, werr. What wourd you rike to do?" He asked smiling at you warmly.

       You returned the smile and gestured over to the couch. "Want to see if that is a Christmas special on we can enjoy together?"

       He nodded and followed you to the living room. He sat on one side of the couch while you said on the other side. In a way, that made him frown a bit but he had always expressed the personal space thing so he figured you were just respecting his wishes.

       "Right there Kiku, how about we what that one?" You pointed at the TV.

       Kiku snapped out of his thoughts and focused on the TV. The scene was a mall, filled with people and decorations, and also, a couple.

       The two of you sat quietly and watched as the couple held hands and walked through the mall. They shopped together and did some silly things to make each other laugh. Then when they left the store, the boyfriend decided to start a friendly snowball fight with his girlfriend. The two laughed and soon collapsed into the snow, side by side. They turned their heads and after gazing into each other's eyes, kissed.

       Well, through the two of you didn't know it, you both were blushing thinking of how each other. Kiku was used to these sorts of things being on TV around this time of year but this year you were here.

       He turned to look at you and slowly moved towards you. "[f/n]…"

       You looked over and seen his nervous features. "Is…is something wrong?"

       "I ah…umm."


       Just when Kiku was going to speak again, the stove went off and you jumped to your feet to check on the chicken.

       "…" He sighed and got up to follow.

       "Kiku! The chicken looks absolutely amazing." You smiled taking the chicken out of the oven.

       "It's arr thanks to you [f/n]-chan."

       "Oh no, you helped."

       "But you did most of the work." He smiled and set the table.

       You came over and placed the chicken in the center of the table and looked over to Kiku with a smile.

       "Now." He gestured to sit.

       You took your seat on the cushion and he did the same. Kiku helped serve you the chicken. While you were doing preparing the chicken he made some rolls and mashed potatoes.

       "How do you rike the mear?"

       "It's great. Thanks for inviting me over Kiku."

       He light laughed and lowered his tea. "You know [f/n]-chan…" He looked up into your eyes. "In Japan, when a man extends an invitation to the girr he rikes to spend Christmas Eve with him…it's…ahh…" His blush returned. He lost his confidence again.

       You started to blush, "It's what…?"

       "Werr…ahh…it has ro…romantic imprications." He shyly looked away.

       Your eyes widened, "You…you mean..."

       "I rike you…a rot."

       "Ki-Kiku…" You smiled, "Did you plan this?"

       "N-no. But…I was hoping to visit with you tomorrow." He got up and left the room for a moment before coming back with a present. "I know it's Christmas Eve but…here." He handed you the present.

       "For me?"

       "Hai." His blush still full force.

       You unwrapped the gift to see a white teddy bear with a Christmas hat. "Oh Kiku." You lifted it up and smiled. "It's so cute."

       "I'm grad you rike it." He sat down beside you and took your hands in his. "I have one more thing for you…if you wourd crose your eyes."

       You did so and heard him get up again and leave the room once more. You tilted your head to the side and cocked a brow before you heard him come back.

       "Arright, you can open your eyes now [f/n]."

       You did and gasped with a smile seeing Kiku with a Santa hat on. He blushed and took out two roses from behind his back. "Merry Christmas [f/n]."

       You got him and took the roses. "Oh Kiku, you really shouldn't have."

       "Anything for you." He smiled.

       "All I need is mistletoe and then I could kiss you." You giggled taking a sniff of the roses.

       "Ah-ah…who said you need mi-mistretoe?" He stuttered.

       You were shocked for a minute but regained your smile, it widening when you leaned in and place a soft kiss on his lips. Kiku froze only for a moment; it was his first kiss after all, but he soon got used to it. He loved that is was from you.

       Pulling away you smiled at him. "So does that mean, I'm your girlfriend?"

       "Hai…if you want to that is…heh."

       "Oh course…can…can I hug you?" You gave him a bashful look.

       "Werr you arready kissed, I wourd have to say you can invade my personar space anytime you want. Ah! But not too much in pubric." He quickly added the last part.

       You laughed lightly at him before giving a gentle hug to your new boyfriend. "Merry Christmas Kiku. I love you."

       "Watashi mo anata no koto ga daisukidesu."

       What a great Christmas, your day started to boring with laying in the snow and ended with you getting the very guy you asked Santa for. Kiku and you couldn't have been anymore happier this holiday season.

The End
So this was a request by :iconmizurechan: though this was made a long time ago >< I finally got back to it. I had something completely different when I started it with the old laptop but...yeah that went down the drain =_= so now I got back to writing and since it's Christmas Eve and it was Japan...I thought a cute story would work. Hehe, Japan planned this, he so did. Invite a girl to spend time with him on Christmas Eve...yeah~ romantic intentions~<3

It sucks doesn't it =_=
I don't own Hetalia!
© Hidekaz Himaruya

Pic is not mine. Found out zerochan. Cropped by me.
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